Thursday, September 6, 2012

Adobe just lunched Social!

Just about an hour ago, Adobe added to their Digital Marketing Suite a new member, Adobe Social. This new product will help companies with their online social media endeavors. Adobe Social "combines listening with engagement tools, advertising and analytics, all in this one package. But more importantly enables brands to actually determine whether or not social media activity is having true business impact." declared Lawrence Mark, Product Marketing Manager, Adobe Social.

I will be interesting to see how this new tool is going to shape the online social media activity of the major brands.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Reversing Paralysis - Spinal Stem Cell Injections

Well this news struck me so hard I just needed to break the silence. Seems that a company in California developed a new medical procedure that helps paralyzed patients regain feeling in their previously affected body parts.

New Scientist reports that 3 patients are participating in a trial involving this treatment. They were administrated 20 million neural stem cells directly into their spinal cords. The stem cells came from donated fetal brain tissue. The patients also received immunosuppressive drugs to reduce the risk of rejection.

Before the treatment none of the patients had any feeling below their nipples. After six month from the procedure, two of them have now regained feeling on their chest, being able to sense touch down to their belly button.

The initial results of the trials have been presented on Monday in London at the annual meeting of the International Spinal Cord Society. Another 9 patients are awaiting to start the trials with this procedure, having less extensive paralysis compared to the first 3 patients.

Despite the positive results, it is still early to break the champagne and break our backs knowing that there is a treatment out there. But one can only hope that everything turns out pink in the end.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Writing again... but no here.

As some of you might know I have been writing this past year in the Tatar2India blog over on the Wordpress side. But brought it to a full stop when I finished my India experience.

Now I have started a new blog called "Endless Blabber". It's not a big project, but rather something to keep me writing, keep me busy.

I will be writing there about life, my own experiences, how I perceive the world, about funny/interesting things that happen to me... about world news that catch my attention... anything I feel like I have a say about and feel that any of you might be interested in.

Hope you will enjoy reading it.

Waiting for you on the other side.

Over and out.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Reading again...

It has come to my attention for some time now that I haven't read a book for quite a while now... Not that I had a lack of recommendation inputs from people who do read books, but I just didn't quite find any of the recommendations ear-catching, if I can say so.

Don't get me wrong... I like reading, but lately I kind of got closer to reading technical materials, and found it easier to get the materials from the internet rather from printed books. And of course the topic that got me caught up lately, getting to grasp special relativity and quantum mechanics in order to finally get to understand what quantum electrodynamics is all about, is kind of topic that you don't really find too many books that explain it in such a way that an economics graduate would find it easy to understand and the only way to unlock it is to research it thoroughly on the internet (wikis, forums, blogs... even connect with some theoretical physicists and get them to answer some of your questions).
<<Excuse the long and seemingly never-ending sentence>>

Today, no special day in any way, I found myself, after my parents and sister went to sleep, still awake and not feeling quite sleepy as usual.

Popped up the cover of the laptop. Checked my email. Nothing interesting. Signed out. Hit Stumble. A rather funny page appeared. Text only. I was a excerpt from a book of Douglas Adams. Although it was a page-full, I went quite fast through it. I was quite light reading. Cookies it was called. By the end of it my brain was already begging for more.

I researched a bit about the author and the book the cookie story was from. The story was actually part of a posthumous collection of previously unpublished materials of the author. I decided that it would be a good idea to start from the beginning.

I found out that the first book Douglas Adams published was actually a book that was recommended to me in numerous accounts and I actually had it. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Didn't think too much, opened it up. Started reading. I was somewhere at 30th something page realized that I actually enjoyed reading it. Up to that moment I was too caught in the story to notice...

By the time I got to page 66, two hours had already passed. You might say it's a long time (depending on your reading speed)... but I didn't even feel the time pass.

Little side note: When it comes to reading fiction I like to take my time with it... unlike when reading technical books, where I might find myself going through vast course books in less than one hour, although it might seem as half a day to me.

Don't really have anything to do all day these days... so I guess that I could finish this first book by the time I leave the country... (that's another matter to be detailed in another post... might also start a blog for the one year relocation... I'll stop here - too much info already)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lightning strikes!

It's good to know how lightning strikes... if you are targeted... or if you might be the one to strike someone with a lightning bolt.

This can be applied in any situation... for hiking to daily business life.

Think about this. You risk getting struck by lightning when ascending fast (both altitude and hierarchy) and having a positive charge (positive electrical charge or positive mind set). But who might hit you with the lightning bolt... negatively charged, descending entities (be it a cloud or a person/entity being low down and having a negative mind set).

Think positive! You don't know when you might accidentally strike someone with a lightning bolt because of a negative thought.

Monday, July 12, 2010

It sucks finishing second...

Of course every sport is different... but in football ("soccer" for Americans) championship's case, it sucks finishing second. Let's take it from the top.

You finish the championship wining the final match. You get the the gold trophy and medals. Your country has a fiesta (or whatever form of celebration you can come up with).

You finish the championship loosing the final match. You get the silver medals. Everybody is disappointed, depressed. No fiesta, no nothing. Everybody goes home.

No this bit is the interesting part. You finish the championship wining the third place playoffs (or the small final as some might call it). You get the bronze medals. Your country is partying! Everybody is happy. People dancing naked in the plaza. Party lasts till morning. One party girl said: "It would have been cool to beat Spain and go to the final. But even third place is not that bad." Thumbs up for them!


Is it really not about playing? Not even about the place you finish on? Could it only be about the result of your last game?

And another thing coming to mind when I see the World Cup chart... so... NED beats URU, ESP beats GER, GER beats URU (so URU is last out of the 4), ESP beats NED (so ESP is best out of the 4)... but wait... which is better GER or NED? Single elimination sucks too!

Anyways! I was hoping for The Netherlands to win the World Cup... but hey!... second place is not that bad. So NED loosing the final didn't stop us partying all night!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Yesterday I found out that I really miss playing... and by this I don't mean computer games... playing simple kids' games... While walking down the street with a friend I saw a Nestea Outdoor Ad, mounted in a bus station. It had a sliding puzzle. Solving it, you would get the Ad. (of course you had a scale model for reference)

It was all scrambled up... and at first I thought that it was just a display... and not really a working puzzle. But then I came closer and managed to move one of the pieces... it already had my whole attention. I was compelled to solve it. (although I was running late... the last semifinal of the 2010 FIFA World Cup...) It took me and my friend some 10 minutes to solve it... and it was fun!

It really made my day.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

City walls

I want to share with you a song that I really like

Ianizer & Lemethy - City walls
Ianizer & Lemethy - City walls by Ianizer and Lemethy

The Helmet

Today I woke up with an urge to write. It's 10 AM and I can't sleep anymore.

I look around and I see my mobile phone. I remember a conversation yesterday about my health. I was being told that alcohol is not quite the best treatment... Maybe I can get the other party to make me quit drinking... and in the process I could make them quit smoking...

You'd think that if you fall down out of the 1st floor window (~4m) strait down with your back on the cement, hitting also your head in the process... with no protection gear (uncontrolled fall, no parkour moves)... you would break your back and die (nope, wrong! been there, done that... but that's not the point).

Now you go to a protection gear seller. You want to engage an activity that (without protection gear) would most probably put your life in danger, but you want to protect yourself. Per say you buy a helmet. Do you see anything wrong with this picture? Instead of avoiding those life threatening activities... humans invented the helmet!... so they can just put their life in danger while having a degree of "protection".

So you say: "I love adrenaline"... Try getting some traditional in-bed adrenaline. I comes with bonus euphoric chemicals. And with a bit of luck you get out of it unharmed (I'm only saying this because reportedly there have been some incidents during the "in-bed adrenaline rush").

I will stop here. It's getting "late" and I haven't even had my breakfast yet...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Google in my home... on the TV screen

Google is invading my house!!! Help!!!I already have Google in my bedroom... in my PC... Google search, Google Chrome web browser, using Google maps quite often... Gmail daily, chatting in my email account... Blogging right now from their platform... and all of this right from my bedroom.. (even on the road but that's another matter...)
Now Google is trying to "invade" my living room too... They announced Google TV. It is a Intel Atom based platform running a Google Chrome web browser on an Android OS right on your TV screen. What more can you want? Well they enable you to find and organize all your favorite online shows (sports events, music, movies, funny clips you can find on YouTube... and even live shows), in order to make it easier for you to keep track of and watch them.

Can't wait to see what they come up with next to "invade" my kitchen and bathroom...

Synthetic DNA research banned

So scientist have just created the first living cell controlled entirely by synthetic DNA, and their research has been banned in the US.Yeah... these real world programmers have been stopped in their tracks by some bureaucrats. Thumbs up for the US... NOT!
Read more about the breakthrough on BCC News.